Member Attendance and Allowances

Financial Allowances

Town Councillors are not presently paid any allowances or compensation for loss of earnings due to attending Council Meetings. They may claim travel expenses for travel outside the Town Council area to attend meetings/training although no Member has yet done so. In May 2016 Members agreed that provision be made for a care allowance to be paid on application to cover the cost for the care of dependents whilst attending Council meetings.

The Town Mayor receives an annual allowance of £1000 (2015/16). This is unchanged from 2014/15. The Allowance remains at £1000 for 2016/17.


Member Attendance at Meetings

For details on the attendance for individual Councillors please see below. Failure to attend meetings for six consecutive months results in automatic disqualification from office unless an extension of the absence has been agreed by full Council prior to the expiry of the six month period.

Member Attendance 2015/16 : Click here.

Member Attendance 2014/15: Click here.