Council Accounts and Audit

Precept 2019-20.

 Accounts 2017-18Precept 2018-19. External Audit Notice of Elector's Rights, 2017-18. External Audit Completion Notice 2017/18.

 Accounts 2016/17,  Precept 2017-18. Audit Notice of Elector's Rights, Notice re. inspection of accounts, External Audit Completion Notice

Accounts 2015/16Precept 2016/17, Audit Notice of Elector's Rights 1, Audit Notice of Elector's Rights 2, External Audit Completion Notice 2015/16.

Accounts 2014/15, Precept 2015/16, Audit Notice of Elector's Rights,  External Audit 2015, Internal Audit 2015.

Accounts 2013/14, Precept 2014/15


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