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Celebration of shop open for 50 years.

Audrey Cole opened her shop on the High Street 50 years ago on Friday 14th April. The Community Plan Group supported by the Chamber of Trade arranged a celebration on the day. Click here for more details.

Progress on Projects from Town Action Plan


Following the launch of a selection of Projects outlined in the Presteigne & Norton Action Plan here is the latest news about their progress. As always if you want to help, or have some money or time to donate to the Gift Economy then please get in touch pacdg@icloud.com


1. THE GARDENING PROJECT has attracted many new recruits. They are currently working on the Shoppers carpark, the Scallions, the pathway between carpark and Premier. Future work to include area from the Bring Site bus shelter towards the Industrial Estate.

HELP: Do you have any spare plants which can be donated to the cause (e.g. snowdrop clumps, hardy geraniums, day lilies, hardy perennials)? They can be left at the Local Food Market.


2. DAFFODILS PROJECT  This Project Team is researching heritage varieties and Presteigne’s history of growing daffodils. Planting will happen throughout the town and surrounds. This will include as many heritage varieties as can be found. Kinsham Court has generously offered to donate bulbs from their collection.

HELP: Has anyone any of the old heritage varieties in their gardens with some to spare to donate? If you know anything of the history and /or have some existing heritage varieties please let us know. We will also welcome donations of any standard varieties or a bit of cash.


3. DEMENTIA FRIENDLY PRESTEIGNE PROJECT  A presentation has been made at the Junior school, and one is planned for the Seniors on the effects of ageing and dementia.


4. RECYCLING/UPCYCLING/RE-USE PROJECT  A Men’s Shed has started in Knighton and we want to start one in Presteigne. Men’s Shed is primarily a social organisation FOR MEN ONLY but also offers services such as tool sharpening, equipment repairs, making ‘stuff’ e.g. bird boxes, training and mentoring. The Project Team, is also researching community composting, recycling of plastic bags and film, Tetrapaks, plastic plant pots, etc.


5. PLAYGROUNDS   Local mums are organising on Facebook to improve and repair the facilities in the children’s playgrounds. YOU CAN VOTE AT TESCO 31 October – 13 November for the playgrounds to receive a big chunk of cash from sale of carrier bags … please do so if you can.


6. SWIFTS PROJECT   This Project Team aims to encourage more swifts in town by providing education and swift boxes (possibly being made by Men’s Shed). They are also in touch with other local towns in Shropshire who have also made a Swift Tower for housing multiple nests.

HELP: Did you have swifts nesting in your house in Presteigne and Norton this Summer? Please let us know if you do so we can record their numbers. Or if you’d like to encourage swifts onto your house sign up to receive a swift box to attach under your eaves.



i) New one at Memorial Hall is being well used.

ii) Sadly as yet no progress for one on the flyposting wall in High Street.

iii) In progress – a glazed locked board in Library arch for use by PACDG and Town Council.

And of course Gifts of time, skills or money to offer the Community can be donated at any time, just email pacdg@icloud.com

PROJECTS (follow links to poster)

Dementia-Friendly Presteigne

Green & Clean In and Around Presteigne

Green & Community Energy: Producing and saving

Playgrounds: “We’ll just stick them in front of the TV shall we?”

Community Re-cycling and Up-cycling

Tourism: Promoting Presteigne area

Community Groups Fair - 12th November

Talk on History and Future of Community Assets as presented on 27th February, 2017.

To read the text of this talk, Click here.


Current version of the Action Plan

To view the current version of the Action Plan click here

Local Bus Information

To view bus information click here

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Community News

Issue 45 - May 2017


an information service from PACDG - the Presteigne Area Community Development Group


Town Council vacancies....following the recent community council elections, there is one unfilled councillor position in the Norton Ward for which the Town Council has invited applications to be received by end-June, for co-option discussions at the July meeting. However, there are now two more casual vacancies for the Town Ward, following the recent resignations of Councillors Gary Banks and Wendy Toomey. Anyone interested in serving for either Ward should contact the Town Clerk Tracy Price on 07866 815622 or by email to pntc@hotmail.com. See TC Press Release below and visit the Town website for more information www.presteigne.org.uk.


A message from Bev Baynham...I would like to thank the people of Presteigne and Norton who put their faith in me and voted for me last Thursday. It is truly overwhelming to have been elected as County Councillor for the Presteigne Ward. There are far too many people to thank individually, but I would like to say special thanks to my family, Colin Kirkby, John Wilding and all those who put posters up. I would also like to acknowledge the work of my predecessor Garry Banks, and the good wishes I have received from my fellow candidates and the people of Presteigne & Norton on my success. I am looking forward to working with Powys County Council on behalf of our community. If anyone would like to contact me please feel free to do so on 07976 928039 or email cllr.beverley.baynham@powys.gov.uk. Many thanks, Bev 


Don't throw it away - give it away with Freegle ! Join your local re-use group Presteigne Freegle, serving the community within a 15 mile radius of Presteigne, with over 2500 local members, and run by local volunteers. Give and get stuff for free, nearby, and help keep stuff out of landfill...and advertise local community events. Sign-up at www.ilovefreegle.org and/or download the Freegle mobile app for your tablet or smart phone.


Come Swift Spotting in Presteigne....Sundays 4th and 11th June, 9pm, a Slow Swift Walk, meet outside Assembly Rooms at 8.45pm. More information from 01544 260460

How to tell Swifts from Swallows and Martins

They’re dark, sooty brown all over, but swifts often look black against the sky. If you get a good look, you might see their pale throat. The wings are long and narrow. The tail is slightly forked, but not as much as a swallow’s. Swifts have a piercing, screaming call, but they aren’t noisy at the nest. Swifts nest in holes – often inside old buildings or sometimes in specially-designed swift nest boxes – so you’ll never see them building a nest outside. In fact, if you can see an obvious nest, it’s definitely not a swift! You’ll see swifts flying low and fast around buildings, screaming loudly, or perhaps swooping fast into a little crevice in a building to their nests. They also hunt for food (insects) over water or sometimes farmland. You won’t see them perching on telegraph wires or fences; they have tiny feet and legs and can hardly walk!

Call 01544 260460 if you’d like a nest box.


Reminder on the COMMUNITY DRAW, PNCS's annual fundraiser. £15 pa monthly, prizes £20, £15 and £12. Apply at PNCS offices in Old Drill Hall





Did you know ?

..... Macmillan hold Drop-In Cancer Support sessions on the 2nd Monday of each month, 9 to 11am, in the Assembly Rooms. For anyone affected by cancer, this is a time to talk over a cuppa with Macmillan Volunteer, Paula. Call 07966 571 020 or 0808 808 00 00 for info

......Weekly activities at the Methodist Church - Mondays 6pm Losing it! Weight Loss Support Group.....Mondays 7pm Knit & Natter.....Thursdays 6.30pm to 7.30pm Shell Club for children aged 7+. For more info on any of these groups contact Lynne Owens 01544 267253


Presteigne and Norton Town Council : May 2017 Press Release....

The retiring Mayor, Cllr. Tennant-Eyles, welcomed the members of the public and new and old Councillors to the meeting. He then spoke on his year as Mayor and reflected on the changes in the work of the Council since he first became a Member in 2004. He noted that much of the previous year had been taken up with work on the potential devolvement of services and buildings to the Town Council, together with work on grant applications for projects in the town which had met with some success. In addition the Town Council had worked with the County Council on safe cycling routes and the grant application to Welsh Government submitted by the County officers had been successful resulting in a grant of almost £300,000. He asked that thanks to former councillor, Hilary Marchant, be noted for her work on this project. He then announced that his fund raiser was to raise monies for work to install an oak frame shelter (frame donated by Radnor Oak) at Wilson Terrace playground in conjunction with the Playground Mums. In conclusion he thanked Cllr. Baynham for her support as Deputy and congratulated her on her success in becoming County Councillor for Presteigne. He then presented a bouquet of flowers to the Clerk in thanks for her work over the year.

The new Mayor for 2017/18 is Cllr. John Wilding and Deputy Mayor Cllr. Bev Baynham.

The Town Council is proceeding to co-opt to fill the vacancy in the Norton Ward. Anyone interested in being considered should contact the Clerk, Tracey Price for more information.

Due to the resignation of Garry Banks and Wendy Toomey from their seats on the Town Council formal notices of the vacancies have been displayed around the town and on the Council web and Facebook pages

A further item of play equipment has been ordered for Wilson Terrace play area using the remainder of the funds from the Tesco Bags of Help Scheme (50% of the total cost of the new item) and from the Playground Mums fund raising group.

Refurbishment of the Hereford Street toilets is planned and hoped to take place in July.


Recent DPCM messages...

[a] Officers are patrolling the force in relation to Operation #Roguetrader17 It is not illegal to sell at the door and legitimate callers won't mind if you shut & lock the door while you check their ID. #Roguetrader17. Remember to always trust your instincts, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. If you believe they are rogue traders then report it to ourselves or trading standards....

[b] Sometime over the last week a green Kawasaki quad bike has been taken from an address in Nash, Herefordshire. Please ensure you keep all tools, machinery and vehicles secure and retain detailed descriptions and photographs of items of value. Should you witness any suspicious activity which is on-going please call 999 immediately, otherwise call the non-emergency number on 101. For further advice please contact your local NPT on 101 or email presteigneNPT@dyfed-powys.pnn.police.uk

[c] Last week one young driver was disqualified from driving for 6 months after pleading guilty to driving without due care and attention and another had their vehicle seized by Police after they were stopped for dangerous driving.

Sign up to receive Dyfed Powys Police DPCM messages on https://www.dyfed-powys.police.uk/en


On Friday 26th May there will be a Ceilidh at the football club in Presteigne organised by the Ligne Town Twinning group. Dancing  to Bandamania, starts at 8pm,a meal beforehand...more info from Sonja or other Town Twinning committee member.


Presteigne Local Food Market on Saturday 3rd June from 9am to 1pm at the Memorial Hall....

The wonderful quality of our Market’s artisan produce is now travelling some way. A customer from Halesowen came to the May Market, having heard about us. There is an interesting mix of regular, popular producers and new ones but they all have one thing in common, namely the excellent quality of the food they produce. After enjoying all the Market has to offer what could be nicer than to enjoy a cup of Fairtrade coffee or tea and delicious homemade cake with friends. May’s Plant Swap was extremely successful and was kept very busy thanks to the interest and support of Market customers.  Thanks to their generosity they raised £63 in donations for the Bumblebee Conservation Trust. The Trust’s letter of “heartfelt thanks” details how the money will be used:-

          Creating and restoring wildflower habitats in the areas where rare bumblebees need it           most.

          Encouraging bee-friendly gardening across the country.  

          Giving land managers, farmers and local communities practical advice on enhancing                         biodiversity for the benefit of bumblebees and other wild pollinators.

          Working with schools to inspire our very youngest audiences about the wonders of nature                    and the amazing lives of bumblebees.

          Conducting surveys, called BeeWalks, so that we can better understand where our                           bumblebees are and where they are not.


Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th June - Dawn Of The Shed, a two-day shed building team competition organised by Sheep Music. Looking for teams of competitors and donations of building materials. www.sheepmusic.co.uk for more info.


Saturday 10th June - Coffee Morning, St Andrews Church, Norton. 10.30am to 12noon


Saturday 10th June - Book Launch of 'The Wildlife Roleplay Book' by Jenny Ogden. Assembly Rooms at 11am Entry FREE. Promoted by Jenny Ogden and MBA. Wildlife Roleplay is a fun way for children and adults alike to learn about the wild creatures which share our earth. This book is a collection of scripted interviews with native UK wildlife, creating an opportunity to put yourself in the shoes of a dung beetle or a honeybee, and realise the problems they face because of human activity. Also learn how their existence is vital to our own survival because all living things are interconnected.


Sunday 11th June - On The Trail of the Mortimers in Wales. Meet at the Assembly Rooms at 10am, a tour to visit some of the Welsh locations associated with the Mortimers led by Philip Hume, with Quiz and I-Spy competition. Car-sharing organised on the day. Bring lunch. Return 4pm to Presteigne. £3 members £4 non-members. Book by email to trail@mortimerhistorysociety.org.uk


If you have any questions on what's happening - or not happening - in our community, do let us know and we'll do our best to provide an answer, or at least point you in the right direction - simply email pacdg@icloud.com.

We're happy to help publicise community and charity activities and events (but only for events in the immediate Presteigne area) - mail pacdg@icloud.com

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