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Waste and recycling collection rounds to be improved -

Waste and recycling collection rounds in the county will be improved to make it a more efficient service, Powys County Council has announced.

The council’s Cabinet yesterday (Tuesday, October 10) gave the go-ahead to optimise the household waste and recycling collection routes to make them more efficient and to meet proposed savings targets.

Although the council will optimise the routes, it will continue to collect waste and recycling five days a week, maintaining the current working pattern. However, the improved routes will mean that collection days for the majority of householders will change.

The council will continue to collect recycling and food waste on a weekly basis and residual waste every three weeks from 7.30am on collection days.

Cllr Phyl Davies, Cabinet Member for Waste and Recycling, said: “Given the numerous service changes that have occurred since the existing rounds were rolled out, they are not considered now to be as efficient as they could be. It is only right that we look where we can make improvements.

“By using route optimisation software, we will be ensuring that the waste and recycling collections rounds are as efficient as they can be. This will also help us save £275,000 by making improvements to our collection rounds.

“However, by revising the collection rounds, it will mean that a large number of householders will see a change in their collection day.  We will still continue to collect recycling and food waste on a weekly basis and residual waste every three weeks from 7.30am on collection days.

“This is a very significant project and a great deal of work has already been carried out to improve the collection arrangements that comprise of nearly 250 rounds to service nearly 70,000 properties. There is still some work left to be done before we roll out the new collection rounds early in the new year.

“We are planning to roll out the new collection rounds from February 2018 and all householders will be informed by post of their new collection day closer to the time.”


JULY 2017

Successful co-optees were -  Norton Ward: Simon Dixon.     Presteigne Ward: Fiona Preece, Lisa Veary.




There are presently three vacancies - one for the Norton Ward and one for the Presteigne Town Ward. These will be filled by co-option and applications for consideration should be with the Clerk by 30th June 2017.



Community Access Defibrillators - Training session arranged for Monday 3rd July at 7pm. East Radnorshire Day Centre. All welcome. Please make as many people as possible aware of the date.


MAY 2017

Presteigne’s Skateboard Park, designed and built by Richard Rimington in 2000 with a small band of volunteers, had been showing some signs of age. In January 2016 Cllr Colin Kirkby (the then Mayor) met Tony Rees, Group Managing Director of Harpers who were building the new houses on Knighton Road and he very generously  agreed to resurface the tarmac path around the top of the bowl, which was sinking in places. And last week a new tarmac path was laid. The Town Council is very grateful for this help from Harper’s and pictured is the Mayor John Wilding thanking Rob Crossland, Contracts Manager at Harper’s who supervised the work, along with Cllr Colin Kirkby and the newly elected County Councillor Beverley Baynham. This work is very timely as it will help the Skateboard Park get through its imminent RoSPA inspection.



Name                                           Candidate's description                       Votes 
Banks, Garry Richard                Independent                                          200      
Baynham, Beverley Jane       Independent                                        785     Elected
Toomey, Wendy Anne               Independent                                         219      




Bamford, Rose Lane 320 Elected
Banks, Garry Richard 299 Elected
Baynham, Beverley Jane 672 Elected
Bennett, Rory Jones 440 Elected
Hall Shipp, Sharon 128 
Kirkby, Colin 520 Elected
Linnett, Pamela Mary 309 Elected
Owens, Trevor 452 Elected
Preece, Fiona Helen 291 
Rimington, Owen Sinclair 257 
Rogers, Nicholas Aaron 381 Elected
Taylor-Sanders, Margaret Ann 128 
Toomey, Wendy Anne 312 Elected
Veary, Lisa Joanne 221 
Williams, Mark Simon 111


Three candidates elected unopposed - Deb Edwards, Chris Ruby and John Wilding.

One vacancy for the Norton Ward. This will be filled by co-option. Please contact the Clerk for more information.



Car Springer ordered for Wilson Terrace Play Area today. 50% funded by Town Council grant from Tesco Bags of Help and 50% from the Playground mums. Contact Becky Barden for more information on the fund raising the mums are doing.



The Council currently has one vacancy for the Norton Ward which will be filled by co-option. If you are interested in being considered for this vacancy please contact the Clerk for more information.

In addition due to the resignations of Garry Banks and Wendy Toomey the Council also now has two vacancies on the Town Ward. Notices regarding these vacancies will be displayed from 17th May. Initially ten residents may request a formal election for each if they wish. If this does not happen then the Council will proceed to co-opt as above.


March 2017: Presteigne Safe Routes in the Community Scheme

The Town Council is delighted to announce that following some lengthy work and discussions with the County Council and through a grant application made by the County Travel Officers, the Presteigne Safe Routes in Community Network Scheme has just been awarded funding of £300,000 from Welsh Government to improve routes to the town schools and encourage safe cycling and walking to those schools. Further discussions and information sessions will be held by the Travel Officers in Presteigne over the coming weeks. Information will be on the town website shortly. Sincere thanks to the County Officers who have put such hard work into the application. Map here


November 2016: Powys Local Development Plan: Further Focussed Changes 

The Town Council made the following comments -

Proposed retail development in Presteigne: the Town Council is concerned that development such as proposed may have an adverse effect on the present High Street.

Renewable energy: the Town Council objects to the inclusion of the local search areas at the end of the LDP process when the policy and sites will not be subject to the scrutiny that they would have been if included earlier in the process. The Council also has concerns for the impact on tourism in the County given the inevitable impact on the landscape that such developments would cause.

The Town Council would like to request the right to speak before the inspector and would also like its submission to be treated as a written representation.

In addition it was noticed that whilst three sites are initially listed for housing allocations (focussed changes document page 81), Joe Deakins Road, Knighton Road and the former Kaye Foundry Site in the appendix (pages 130/131) only two are listed and Knighton Road does not appear. 

For archived information on the Town Council's earlier work on the LDP please scroll down to the Archives page.


January 2017: Nicola Humphreys

The Town Council is very sad to report on the death of Nicola Humphreys on 5th January 2017. Nicola was an exceptional person who was involved in so many ways in the community she had adopted and lived in for the last 40+ years. As well as being a current and previous member of Presteigne & Norton Town Council, she represented Presteigne for several years on the former Radnorshire District Council. But she served the community in so many other ways as well - setting up and helping to run Sheep Music and Broad Sheep, the monthly listing magazine which still continues today, playing in the popular combo The Tango Band, helping backstage at Presteigne Players productions, jointly running the Hat Shop Restaurant - the list goes on.  She loved the community of Presteigne and was popular amongst many diverse groups of people and she will be greatly missed by all of those whose lives she touched.  Her close friend and fellow Cllr Colin Kirkby said "She was a very special person devoted to the community, and a wise councillor'.


December 2016: Mayor's Christmas Message: 

2016 has been the usual eventful year in Presteigne with many popular community events such as the Street Party for the Queens Birthday in June, the wonderful Carnival and party on Went's Meadow in July, the internationally renowned Classic Music Festival in August, and the Vintage Sports Car Club Rally in October. The year was rounded off by a great Christmas Fair in the High Street in December. These events and the many other attractions in and around the Town mean that Presteigne is a wonderful place to live and visit. Accommodation providers report an excellent season.

Presteigne and Norton Town Council has been successful with a number of projects for the Community this year. It has part funded and taken over the new Multi Use Games Area and adjacent football field at Went's Meadow. It has successfully obtained grant funding to increase the size of the car park at the allotments, and install some new equipment at the playground. It has part funded the installation of a defibrillator in Norton and restored two of the benches in the village. It continues to support many organisations on the Town with annual grants.

Overshadowing all this good news there remains the very serious concern about the future of many of the assets and services in our community, and all across the country, due to impact of the government cutbacks. The Town Council is in ongoing negotiation with Powys County Council to try and find ways to take over assets and preserve services, such as the Day Centre, the Library, the Youth Club, Community Support, the Cemetary, and a host of other services and facilities. I remain hopeful that the County Council will support the Town Council in its efforts and that these services will be saved

I would like to take this opportunity of wishing all in Presteigne and Norton the very best for 2017


October 2016: NORTON FIREWORKSNorton Sports Committee are holding Norton Halloween Fireworks display on Sunday 30th October 2016 staring at 6.00p.m (location is in centre of village - see signs). Admission : Adults £2.50 Children (U16) free. Big Bonfire / Bar B-Q / Bar / Fancy dress and best pumpkin competitions.


October 2016: LIBRARY SERVICE, Results of consultation now out and available at


September 2016: ALLOTMENT GARDENS: Went's Meadow Allotments: Do you enjoy fresh veg? Would you like to grow your own? Now is the time to get your name on the list for an allotment garden. Application forms are available on the main Town Council page of this website.  Apply now to go on the waiting list. Renewals for existing tenants run from 25th March and this is usually a time when some plots fall vacant.


September 2016: GRANT SUCCESS: 

NOTE: The customer voting has been delayed until 31 October to 13 November.

Grant Application, Play Area, Wilson Terrace - The Town Council is delighted to announce that its grant application for a new piece of equipment for the Wilson Terrace Play Area has reached the final three in the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme. The project will now receive a minimum of £8000 with the possibility of £10,000 or £12,000 depending on the outcome of a public vote in stores.  The equipment installed as a minimum will be the Hong Kong. Voting for the project will take place in the Tesco Store, Ludlow. Tokens will be handed out at the tills as you pay for your shopping - there is no minimum spend. Please encourage everyone you know to vote for the project. See more details on the bags of help scheme and a link to the website -

Tesco has teamed up with Groundwork on its Bags of Help initiative in hundreds of regions across England and Wales. The scheme will see three community groups and projects in each of these regions awarded grants of £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 – all raised from the 5p bag charge.
Bags of Help offers community groups and projects in each of Tesco’s 416 regions across the UK a share of revenue generated from the 5p charge levied on single-use carrier bags. The public will now vote in store from 26 September to 9 October on who should receive the £12,000, £10,000 and £8,000 awards. In total, there is over £12.5 million up for grabs.


September 2016: LOCAL TRANSPORT GUIDE: A brief guide to local bus services and bus passes has been produced by Chris Lewis and will be available on the town website soon or by calling in at the library or Judge's Lodging.



The Town Council wishes to record the following statement. Residents from whatever nation are welcome in Presteigne and Norton and as a community we want to make everyone welcome. We will ensure that those residents from the EU and elsewhere in the world are welcome and we welcome the contribution they have made to the community.



At the annual meeting of the Town Council held last night Cllr. James Tennant-Eyles was elected Mayor and Cllr. Beverley Baynham was elected Deputy Mayor. Cllr. James Tennant-Eyles accepted the chain of office on Wednesday the 18th May for the coming Year. He said he was delighted to be taking over at such an important time for the Town. During the coming year he hoped that there would be satisfactory negotiations with Powys County Council for the takeover of an number of important assets in the Presteigne, thus securing the future of vital services in community such as the Youth Club, the Library, Community Support, the public toilets and the Cemetery.

He added that an important theme of his year as Mayor would be to address the issue of poor communication between the Town and the Town Council. He said he believed this was a matter of perception only as the Council already provides a full range of information about its activities on the Town Website, it puts printed information in the Library, it runs a Town Council Facebook page and it offers monthly Surgeries at the Farmers Market. In hopes of further improving communication the Mayor or the Deputy Mayor will attend all surgeries this year, there will be more frequent press releases, and the Council will work with the newly constituted Presteigne Area Community Development Group who will help the Town Council inform and consult the community on a range of important issues.



The survey is focusing on the 11 smaller branch libraries across Powys although there is space to give alternative ideas on the broader library situation. PCC is particularly keen to hear from those residents who use the 11 libraries or have ideas about how they could be sustained.  

The closing date for comments is Sunday 3 July 2016. Paper copies are in the library or the survey can be completed online via the link below.



Easter collections: Message from County Council

Recycling and refuse collections will take place as normal over the Easter period, including Good Friday (25 March) and Easter Monday (28 March).  Residents are being reminded to ensure that they place their recycling and refuse out by 7.30am on their usual collection day as the collection times may vary. The working arrangements were reviewed last year so that recycling and refuse collections will take place on bank holidays to minimise disruption to residents and traders. The only exception will be over the Christmas and New Year period when residents and traders will be notified of the alternative arrangements. It is important that residents recycle over the Easter period as this will help towards achieving the strict recycling targets set by Welsh Government. Cardboard packaging, envelopes and cards can be recycled in the blue paper and card box and hard plastic items and silver foil packaging usually found around Easter eggs can be recycled in the red plastic and cans box.  Unfortunately we cannot accept plastic film (items such as carrier bags, bubble wrap, food bags, cling film) as it is very difficult to separate from the other material and very costly to recycle so this material should be placed in with your general refuse. Plastic film items and any incorrect items placed out for recycling will be left in the box with a card explaining why it has been left.


28th January 2016 SEARCH FACILITY

A new refuse and recycling collection search facility has been launched on the Powys council website which enables residents to enter their postcode, select their address and then be provided with a  list of future refuse and recycling collection dates. This new search facility can be found on the ‘Bin Collection’ page at the following address:

Residents can use this facility to check and make a note of their future waste collection dates



Resource Efficient Wales, a Welsh Government service which offers free impartial energy advice to households is keen to increase uptake across Powys. They provide:

•             Tailored advice on simple behaviour changes and low cost improvements, to improving insulation or heating systems.

•             Assistance on how to lower your energy bills

•             Information on what local and national funding resources are available for those considering renewable technologies. Along with advice on finding accredited installers.

If you’d like a chat about possible links just get in touch or you can find more information on the website

Alan Macnaughton, Project Worker, Asiantaeth Ynni Severn Wye Energy Agency

The Lindens, Spa Road                                                                Ffôn/Phone Number 01597 828 871

Llandrindod Wells                                                                Ffôn Symudol / Mobile Number – 07966 491819

LD1 5EQ                                                                                      

Dilynwch Severn Wye ar Drydar/Follow Severn Wye on Twitter: @Severn_Wye




Recycling collections:

Usual collection day                                                 Revised collection day

Monday 21 December 2015                                       As normal

Tuesday 22 December 2015                                      As normal

Wednesday 23 December 2015                                 As normal

Thursday 24 December 2015                                     As normal

Friday 25 December 2015 (Christmas Day)              Saturday 2 January 2016

Monday 28 December 2015 (bank holiday)               As normal

Tuesday 29 December 2015                                      As normal

Wednesday 30 December 2015                                 As normal

Thursday 31 December 2015                                     As normal

Friday 1 January 2016 (New Year’s Day)                  Saturday 2 January 2016

Refuse collections (leftover non-recyclable waste):

Usual collection day                                                 Revised collection day

Monday 21 December 2015                                       As normal

Tuesday 22 December 2015                                      As normal

Wednesday 23 December 2015                                 As normal

Thursday 24 December 2015                                     As normal

Friday 25 December 2015 (Christmas Day)              Saturday 2 January 2016

Monday 28 December 2015 (bank holiday)               No planned refuse collections

Tuesday 29 December 2015                                      No planned refuse collections

Wednesday 30 December 2015                                 No planned refuse collections

Thursday 31 December 2015                                     No planned refuse collections

Friday 1 January 2016 (New Year’s Day)                  No planned refuse collections


21st November, 2015: THREE WEEKLY RUBBISH COLLECTIONS. The first three weekly waste collections will take place from next week, week beginning 23 November, for households whose last waste collection took place during the week beginning 2 November. Food waste and recycling collections will continue to be collected every week and the collection day will not change. PCC are urging residents to recycle as much of their waste as possible and minimise the amount going to landfill. With support from residents they can meet both their recycling and budget targets.

Households with six or more people living in the property, two or more children in nappies, producing incontinence waste or non-infectious clinical waste such as colostomy bags may be eligible for additional capacity.  This can be requested by contacting the council and an assessment will be arranged. If residents find that they are over filling their recycling boxes each week, additional recycling boxes can also be requested by contacting the council on 0845 602 7035 or on the website

More information on three weekly rubbish collections is available on website



The Post Office has today confirmed that a home service will be provided to Norton residents. The service run from the Kington office will allow residents to telephone to request post office products and services including stamps, mails acceptance, travel money and manual bill payments. These services will be delivered to the door under a designated time slot. Please telephone 01544 230301 to register for this service. Demand will be used to assess the need for post office services in the village.



Changes will take place in November. A calendar of future collection dates can be downloaded here. Residents should all receive an information pack.



Programme: Formal Opening by Town Mayor, Cllr. Kirkby MBE 10.00 am

Tennis Court

Free Coaching Taster Sessions - 10.30 am - 11.30am Tennis Under 8s, 11.45 am - 12.45pm Over 8s

MUGA Court

Football Skills with Presteigne St. Andrews Colts - 10.30 am - 11.30 am Under 10s, 11.45 am -12.45 pm Over 10s

Grass Pitch

Football Fun with Presteigne St. Andrews Colts

10.30am to 12.00 pm

Free Security Marking for your child's bike on the day with Dyfed-Powys Police

Note: Numbers for free sessions will be limited. All Welcome.



The County Council recently reviewed its bank holiday working arrangements and it was agreed that recycling and rubbish collections will now take place on bank holidays to minimise the disruption to residents and traders. Therefore, collections that fall on a bank holiday will no longer be disrupted and will be collected as per normal, with the exception of Christmas and New Year.  Collections will take place as normal over the May bank holidays. Householders are reminded to ensure that their recycling and rubbish is put out for collection by 7.30am as the collection times may vary.



At the meeting on 21st January the Council precept was set at £44 per band D property, an overall budget of £54,143.32. This represents an increase of £4 per Band D property. The new budget includes funding for the running of two additional toilet sites in the town as well as the running of the refurbished tennis courts, MUGA and adjacent football pitch.


Click here for details.


These commence in late September and the nearest venue to Presteigne is Knighton Community Centre on 3rd October. There will be two sessions each day for pre-booked attendance or a drop in session from 6 to 8pm. Please contact Melanie Hardwick on 01597 826160 for more information or email

COMMEMORATION OF WORLD WAR 1     posted 31st July, 2014

Church Service to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One, this Sunday 3rd August. Parade from Cenotaph 10.40am, Service start at 11 am.