Member Attendance and Allowances

Financial Allowances and Member Attendance Information


Remuneration payments to Town Councillors: 

Please note that the payments marked compulsory are a requirement under the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales and MUST be made available.

The following payments are available in the municipal year May 2019 to April 2020:

£150 per year to be paid per Member paid twice yearly in arrears as reimbursement of general expenses, payments to be in October and April unless the Clerk is advised in writing that a Member does not wish to take up all or part of the payment and should be made by the end of September in each Municipal Year (May-April). (Compulsory Payment)

To reimburse the cost of travel expenses incurred for travel on Council business outside the Community Council area.

To refund the cost of care expenses up to the stated cost of £403 per month (Compulsory Payment)

Mayor/Chairman’s Allowance. In 2018/19 this was £1100. In 2019/20 it will be £1150.

Town Councillors are not presently paid any compensation for loss of earnings due to attending Council Meetings. 


Payments Made 

2019/20 Cllr. T. Owens - Mayor's Expenses £132.30 (balance of Allowance held pending allocation after coronavirus crisis). No Members claimed the £150 annual allowance.

2018/19 Cllr. C. Kirkby - Mayor's Allowance £1100. No Members claimed the £150 allowance on offer.

2017/18 Cllr. J. Wilding - Mayor's Allowance £1050.

2016/17 Cllr. J. Tennant-Eyles - Mayor's Allowance £1000.


Member Attendance at Meetings

For details on the attendance for individual Councillors please see below. Failure to attend meetings for six consecutive months results in automatic disqualification from office unless an extension of the absence has been agreed by full Council prior to the expiry of the six month period.

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