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Full Council - 19th April 2017  7.30pm  





Open Event 27th March. 4pm to 7pm. All welcome. An opportunity to look inside the newly built homes and to meet the people involved in the development. Please wear sensible shoes. Light refreshments provided.



Elections to Town and Community Councils will take place this May and nominations will open on 20th March and close at 4pm on 4th April. The Town Council has thirteen Councillors split into the Presteigne Ward of 9 and the Norton Ward of 4. Could you help serve your community? For nomination papers please contact the County Council elections section on Tel: 01597 - 826717 / 826747.

For the 110 Town and Community Councils in Powys, there is a total of 1041 Community Councillors to be elected. The communities vary widely in geographical area and in their numbers of residents. The smallest has approximately 149 electors and seven councillors, while the largest has over 8,000 electors and 16 councillors.


Powys Local Development Plan: Further Focussed Changes 

The Town Council made the following comments in November 2016 -

Proposed retail development in Presteigne: the Town Council is concerned that development such as proposed may have an adverse effect on the present High Street.

Renewable energy: the Town Council objects to the inclusion of the local search areas at the end of the LDP process when the policy and sites will not be subject to the scrutiny that they would have been if included earlier in the process. The Council also has concerns for the impact on tourism in the County given the inevitable impact on the landscape that such developments would cause.

The Town Council would like to request the right to speak before the inspector and would also like its submission to be treated as a written representation.

In addition it was noticed that whilst three sites are initially listed for housing allocations (focussed changes document page 81), Joe Deakins Road, Knighton Road and the former Kaye Foundry Site in the appendix (pages 130/131) only two are listed and Knighton Road does not appear. 

For archived information on the Town Council's earlier work on the LDP please scroll down to the Archives page.

Nicola Humphreys

The Town Council is very sad to report on the death of Nicola Humphreys on 5th January 2017. Nicola was an exceptional person who was involved in so many ways in the community she had adopted and lived in for the last 40+ years. As well as being a current and previous member of Presteigne & Norton Town Council, she represented Presteigne for several years on the former Radnorshire District Council. But she served the community in so many other ways as well - setting up and helping to run Sheep Music and Broad Sheep, the monthly listing magazine which still continues today, playing in the popular combo The Tango Band, helping backstage at Presteigne Players productions, jointly running the Hat Shop Restaurant - the list goes on.  She loved the community of Presteigne and was popular amongst many diverse groups of people and she will be greatly missed by all of those whose lives she touched.  Her close friend and fellow Cllr Colin Kirkby said "She was a very special person devoted to the community, and a wise councillor'.


Town Council Surgeries

These are held on the first Saturday of each month (excluding August) from 10am to 12pm in the Memorial Hall, Presteigne alongside the Farmers Market. No appointment necessary. Please call in to discuss any concerns you may have.



To download an application form to go on the waiting list click Allotments Application Form

Existing Tenants: To download an application form for a shed, water butt etc click Shed Application Form


The Town Council

The Town Council consists of thirteen members, nine representing the town of Presteigne and four covering the village of Norton. All members are chosen by ballot every four years, having been proposed and seconded by parishioners. To be eligible for election, a prospective member has to reside in the community or within three miles of the Parish boundary or own property in the parish.
Once elected, the councillors select their own Chairperson for the year (then known as the Mayor) and a deputy. The Mayor presides over all meetings of the Council, which meets once a month.

The Council employs a Town Clerk. The duties of the Clerk include -

ensuring that the council conducts its business lawfully

administering all the council's paperwork

ensuring that meeting papers are properly prepared and the public is aware of meeting times

implementing the council's decisions

overseeing the implementation of projects

keeping property registers and other legal documents

managing local facilities. In Presteigne and Norton this covers the recreation grounds Went's Meadow and Eddie's Meadow, town allotments and two blocks of public toilets.

Among the main concerns of the Town Council are local planning applications, which are forwarded by Powys County Council for any comments or objections. 

Financial responsibilities include paying our clerk, giving donations to help run local organisations, maintaining local amenity grounds belonging to the town and the running and upkeep of two toilet blocks which Powys CC intended to close.

A place on the Council is an interesting position, enabling local people to help care for their own area and environment.

Who are our Councillors?

Councillors for the Presteigne Ward are: Beverley Baynham, Garry Banks, Nicola Humphreys, Colin Kirkby MBE, Hilary Marchant, John Matthews, Howard Owens, Fiona Preece and Peter Smith.

Councillors for the Norton Ward are: Brian Price, Paul Robinson, James Tennant-Eyles and John Wilding.

Mayor for 2016/17 is James Tennant-Eyles and Deputy Mayor is Beverley Baynham.

If you would like to know more about the Town Councillors please see the Council Members page below. On this page you will also find individual email addresses  should you wish to contact one specific Councillor.

Contact and Agendas

To contact the Town Council or any Councillor or to request an Agenda for a forthcoming meeting, please write to our clerk, Tracey Price, Garn Farm, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell, Shropshire, SY7 0BT, via email at, or telephone 01547 528575.

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