Council Minutes


Full Council: 2024-25

May Meeting Papers 10.91mb pdf , 23-24 Audit Papers 5.27 mb pdf.


Sites and Buildings Committee 2024-25

Meeting Papers June 2024 4mb pdf.



Staffing Committee

20th November 2023 162b pdf.

Sites and Buildings Committee

23rd November 2023 196kb pdf, Sites and Buildings Committee Meeting papers 5mb pdf


Full Council 2023-24

April Minutes 216kb pdfApril Meeting Papers main papers, supplementary papers.

March Minutes 204kb pdfMarch Meeting Papers 7mb pdf

February Minutes 204kb pdfFebruary Meeting Papers 6.82mb pdf.

January 24th Minutes 230kb pdfJanuary 24th Meeting Papers 5.51mb pdf.

January 17th Minutes 176kb pdfJanuary 17th Meeting Papers 7.63mb pdf

December Minutes 228kb pdfDecember Meeting Papers 11.36mb pdf.

November Minutes 194kb pdfNovember Meeting Papers 11mb pdf.

October Minutes 228kb pdfOctober Meeting Papers 13mb pdf

September 27th Minutes 124kb pdfSeptember 27th Meeting Papers 156 kb pdf.

September Minutes 251kb pdfSeptember Meeting Papers 11.33mb pdf.

Augest Minutes 156kb pdfAugust Meeting Papers 5.39mb pdf.

July Minutes 216kb pdfJuly Meeting Papers 9.51mb pdf.

June Minutes 206kb pdfJune Meeting Papers 11mb pdf.

May Minutes 253kb pdfMay Meeting Papers  15.32mb pdf.

Climate Crisis Committee:

Climate Crisis Committee Minutes April 2024 200kb pdf, Climate Crisis Committee Papers April 2024 2.1mb.

Climate Crisis Committee Papers November 2023 2.46mb pdf. Meeting not held.

July Minutes 213kb pdf, July Meeting Papers 2.73mb pdf.



Sites and Buildings Committee May Minutes 223kb pdf.

April Minutes 214kb pdfApril Meeting Papers 10.7mb pdf.

March Minutes 200kb pdfMarch Meeting Papers 11.98mb pdf.

Climate Crisis Committee Minutes 192kb pdfClimate Crisis Committee Meeting Papers February 2023 - 3.74mb pdf.

February Minutes 175kb pdfFebruary Meeting Papers 6.27 mb pdf.

25th January Minutes 221kb pdf, 25th January Meeting Papers 6.86mb pdf.

18th January Minutes 189.48 kb pdf18th January Meeting Papers 6.24mb pdf.

December Minutes 268.38kb pdfDecember Meeting Papers 16mb pdf

November Minutes193kb pdf, November Meeting Papers 10.34mb pdf

October Minutes 202kb pdfOctober Meeting Papers 16.56mb pdf

September Minutes 197kb pdfSeptember Meeting Papers 16.86mb pdf 

August Minutes 148kb pdfAugust Meeting Papers 6.0 mb pdf.

July Minutes 209 kb pdfJuly Meeting Papers 10.2 mb pdf .

June Minutes 213 kb pdfJune Meeting Papers.

May MinutesMay Meeting Papers, May Audit Papers.

April MinutesApril Meeting Papers 8 mb pdf, Annual Accounts 6.3mb pdf. Internal Audit Report 3.5mb pdf. Agenda etc 3.6mb pdf.

March Minutes 204kb pdfMarch Meeting Papers 17mb pdf

February 23rd Minutes 151kb pdf, February 23rd Meeting Papers 235 kb pdf.

February Minutes 252kb pdfFebruary Meeting Papers 8.4mb pdf. 

January 19th Minutes 200kb pdf.  January 19th Meeting Papers 14.6mb pdf.

January 12th Minutes 198kb pdf. January 12th Meeting Papers 6.4mb pdf.


Sites and Buildings Committee:

November, 2022 Informal Notes 213.55kb pdfMeeting Papers November 2022 7.39mb pdf.


Staffing Committee:

December, 2022 176.43kb pdf.

February, 2022 148kb pdf



Full Council: 

December Minutes 249kb pdf, December Meeting Papers 15.9mb pdf. 

November Minutes 223kb pdfNovember Meeting Papers 9.4mb pdf.

October Minutes 202kb pdfOctober Meeting Papers 15.7mb pdf

September Minutes 206kb pdf, September Meeting Papers 5.8mb pdf

August 2021 258kb pdf, August Walk 2021 29kb pdf, August 2021 Meeting Papers (8.2mb pdf)

July 2021 (280kb pdf), July 2021 Meeting Papers ( 12.3mb pdf), 

June 2021 (227kb pdf)

May 2021 (259kb pdf)

April 2021 (261kb pdf) 

March 2021 (255kb pdf) 

February 2021 (234kb pdf)

January 20th 2021 193kb pdf 

January 13th 2021 188 kb pdf


Sites and Buildings Committee:

November 2021(165kb pdf)April 2021(186kb pdf) 

Staffing Committee: November, 2021(165kb pdf)




Full Council: 

December 2020 227kb pdfNovember 2020 267kb pdfOctober 2020  242kb pdfSeptember 2020 209kb pdfAugust, 2020 81kb - pdf,   July 15th 2020 196kb - pdfJuly 8th 2020 112kb - pdf, June 2020 179kb -pdf,  May 2020 - 206kb - pdf, NB No April meeting, March 2020February 2020January 22nd 2020 , January 15th 2020

Staffing: November 2020 213kb pdf.

Sites and Buildings: November 2020.



Full Council:

December 2019November 2019October 2019September 2019August 2019July, 2019June, 2019May 2019 April 2019March 2019,  February 201923rd January 201916th January, 2019.

Sites and Buildings Committee: November, 2019. April, 2019.

Staffing Committee: November, 2019



Full Council:

December 2018November 2018, October 2018September 2018August 2018July 2018,  June, 2018May, 2018April 2018, March 2018February 2018January 24th 2018,  January 17th, 2018.

Sites and Buildings Committee: June 2018, November 2018.

Staffing Committee: November, 2018.



 Full Council:

 December, 2017,  November, 2017, October, 2017,  September 2017,  August 2017 amended version,  July 2017,  June 2017, May, 2017 Annual and Ordinary Meetings, April 2017,   March 2017 February 201718th January 2017, 11th January 2017 .

Staffing Committee: December, 2017.

Sites and Buildings Committee:  November, 2017.


2016 December 2016 November 2016October 2016,  September 2016August 2016,  July 2016June 2016May 2016 Annual and Ordinary Meetings,  April, 2016, March, 2016,  March 1st 2016, February 2016,  February 4th 2016, January 2016.

2016 Staffing Committee   November 2016


2015 December 2015, November 2015, October 2015September 2015,  August 2015, July, 2015, 17th June, 2015 3rd June 2015 May 2015April 2015, March 2015,  February 2015,  January 2015.


2014 December 2014,  November 2014,  October, 2014,  September 2014,  August 2014,   July 2014,  June 2014, May 2014, April 2014, March 2014, February 2014, January 2014.


2013 December 2013, November 2013, November 7th 2013October 2013, September 2013, August, 2013, July 2013, July 4th 2013, June 2013, May 2013, 28th May 2013, April 2013, March 2013, February 2013, January 2013.

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